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Q:  What do I wear during my massage?

A:  All clients are instructed to dress down to their comfort level.  You are encouraged to take off only what you are comfortable with. Clients are draped with a sheet or towel to maintain modesty throughout the session, and only the body part being massaged will be uncovered at any time.

Q:  My last massage was too deep/light and I didn’t enjoy it, is massage therapy not for me?

A:  It is the responsibility of the massage therapist to check in with you throughout the session to make sure that the pressure and techniques are to your liking.  Trouble spots can be a little tender, however if the therapist is going too deep you should let them know.  Communication between the client and therapist is important to a successful session. Don’t let a bad massage experience keep you from trying it again.  The benefits of a good massage are highly rewarding.

Q:  Am I supposed to tip my therapist?  If so, how much?

A:  Tips are appreciated.  It’s a good way to show the therapist that they did an excellent job.  Tips vary from client to client but the normal is between 15%-20% of the regular price of the massage service.

Q:  What does the therapist mean when they say I have toxins in my body?

A:  This can be a somewhat complicated answer.  The easiest way to explain it is to say that the human body produces waste on a cellular level.  When muscles are tight it inhibits the waste management systems of the cells.  Receiving a massage will stretch out and relax muscle fibers while promoting a healthy return of blood flow.  This also restores the waste management system in the cells. It is important to drink extra water after your massage to help flush out your system.

Q:  I like a quiet massage session, but my therapist likes to talk to me, what can I do?

A:  Remember, the therapist is there to work for you.  They may be the therapist, but you are the boss.  If you have any preferences, share them with the therapist.  This will ensure you get the great service you were hoping for.  

Q:  I don’t like to have my feet massaged, is that going to be a problem?

A:  Not at all, in fact many people are uncomfortable with some area of their body being massaged.  Other common areas include stomach, hands, head, and glutes.  Make sure your therapist knows about it before the session starts so he/she can avoid those areas and you can enjoy your massage.