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Massage therapy is a great way to help you live a happier and healthier life.  Of course, there are many more things that you can do to make yourself even happier and healthier.  Josh Gordon, a long time friend of everyone at Michigan Therapeutic Massage, is an amazing personal trainer.  Here is his bio in his own words.

I spent much of my life overweight, reaching a peak of 238lbs at 5'7" tall and a body fat over 50%.  For multiple reasons, in 2005 I decided it was time to be healthy again.  I was unaware that it would change my life in the multitude of ways that it did.  For two years I worked out 6-7 days/week, at least one hour each day, commonly more.  After two years, I weighed...238lbs (approximately!).  I had hurt my elbow.  I had hurt my right knee.  I had hurt, well, you get the idea.  I was working out to be strong and was completely unaware that there was a difference between working out for strength and working out for weight loss.  I was also (sadly) unaware that there are ways to work out that are safe, and ways that aren't (I was particularly good at these ones!).  So after two years of no progress, I started to look into the how and why of exercise.  I looked deep into the science of fitness and the body and fell in love with it.  I proceeded to lose over 100lbs of body fat over an eight month period, while adding roughly 20lbs of muscle on to my now too small frame.  Soon after that, it was time to change careers.  I left my position as a marketing director and became a personal trainer.  Since then I have been lucky enough to have a clientele that demands and shows the difference I offer between myself and most other personal trainers.  Over 80% of my clientele work in the medical community.  My clients include the former head of home care for Henry Ford Health Systems, multiple surgeons, multiple physicians of all types, many many many physical therapists and more.  It is this type of clientele that requires me to be far more than the average trainer who can help you just "not be fat" or simply "add some muscle".  I prefer science to hard work, and understanding to pain.  When we know how the body works, we can make great progress and you can have the body of your dreams without working out 10 days per week 26 hours per day and not eating at all.  I use science to teach people how to work out PROPERLY to develop and then maintain a healthy capable strong body.  My training is designed around making the body work to it's utmost of capabilities, and doing it in ONLY healthy manners.  I provide personal training services both in home and at the Power House Gym and athletic center in West Bloomfield.  Be sure to mention that you are a customer of Michigan Therapeutic Massage when you call for the special discounted rate!