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                                  Michigan Therapeutic Massage

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                                        Livonia, MI 48152

Jeff Glebe is an amazing massage therapist! I have hired him over a dozen times for stress relief and pain management therapy.  Jeff and Niki have given my husband and I relaxing couples massages several times, and they are simply the best.  My husband Scott has also hired Jeff numerous times. 6 months ago he injured his back so badly that he was virtually immobile. Jeff came to our place with his massage equipment within two hours of us calling him to start therapy. Scott had two massages in as many days, the pain was under control and he was able to go back to work! We both highly recommend Jeff to anyone, as his exceptional techniques are second to none!


Livonia, MI

Jeff has been my massage therapist for many years and he's always been there when I need a great massage. He massaged me after I did the breast cancer 3 day, 60 mile walk. I really needed some work done on my legs, feet, and back after that event.  I’ve also hired Jeff after a stressful day just to help me relax and release the tension in my upper back and neck. I always feel better after a great massage from him.

Laura H

Northville, MI

I had a massage as a gift from my maid of honor on my wedding day. She hired Michigan Therapeutic Massage,and I am still extremely grateful. The massage was so relaxing that I didn't worry about a thing the entire day. I was able to focus on the excitement of walking down the aisle to my husband-to-be! The hair stylist even commented that she had never seen a bride as calm as I was. The massage therapist, Jeff Glebe, came right to the house where all the girls were getting ready and set up the massage table in the basement. The massages were available to all and even my mom was able to relax with a massage before the ceremony! You spend
a lot of time preparing things for your wedding day and this is a great way to prepare yourself for the big day!
Laura B
Livonia, MI

Over ten years ago, I was involved in a near fatal car accident.  Over time, the injuries I sustained have become progressively more painful.  Jeff has really helped to ease that pain.  Although the nerve damage can’t be repaired, his deep tissue massage works the spasms out of my back and gives me some relief from the pain that the nerve damage causes.  As I have gotten older, my body has had a more difficult time with the nerve damage.  I know that if I did not have my weekly massage from Jeff, I probably wouldn’t be able to get out of bed every morning.  The accident has limited the amount of tasks and activities I can do, but I am convinced that the massage therapy has helped me to do what I still can.  I have had other massage therapists in the past, but I met and hired Jeff for the first time almost 8 years ago, and I stopped looking for new massage therapists after our first session. He is dependable, knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional.


Northville, MI

I've been a client of Jeff's since 2003.  I've recommend him to several friends and I have always received positive feedback after their massages.  Jeff successfully works the knots out of my back (even though I insist on recreating them between massages).  His deep tissue technique and muscle stretches keep me limber and feeling relaxed.


Having a regular massage from Jeff allows me to maintain a consistently low blood pressure even while I keep the rest of my life in high gear.



Plymouth, MI